Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Rule-Breaking Was Found Out

Do you remember this post?

Nia found out. She hates me. He hates me.

She hates me for obvious reasons. I told her that I did it because I was depressed around the time and so was he and we were just looking for attention. Which is true.

He hates me because I revealed that he played me which he so did. He lied to me when he told me that they didn't have sex anymore and turns out they had a fine and healthy sex life. So basically he made me feel sorry for him.

It seems both of them blame me for their relationship falling apart?! She cheated on him with his best friend for months and I'm to blame?!

She called me terrible things which I deserve.

I feel so guilty and evil but there's no point in dwelling. I hate myself for getting myself into this mess. It was long ago now though. A friend told me: "We're too young to dwell on these things, you're not evil, we just need to learn from these mistakes and move on." Such wise words.

Nia's a gossip and a big bitch when she hates someone so I'm hoping she doesn't spread this to people we both know.. at least I have her cheating ways to spread around to get back at her but I don't like gossiping about other people so I'd rather not have to do that. I simply can't be arsed with that shit.

Kisses, V.V.