Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Age-Blog Thing

I'm not good at lying. I can only lie when I'm being sarcastic or when something very big is at stake.

So when I started this blog one of my best friends, Mya, told me to lie about my age since I was going to put my real name - why wouldn't I? It's a great name for my blog lol. So I did lie about my age. I said I was born in 1990.

Later on.. she found out and said that was too young.. so I changed it to 1987.

Now I can't be arsed to lie but Mya urges me not to put my real age, birthday, etc. So I'm not going to tell you my exact age, etc.

However this Venus is between 20-25 years of age. Is that good enough?

Kisses, V.V.

P.S. Well done America for voting for Barack Obama! Change is good! The near future looks bright!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The First Argument

I love Matthew I really do but now that I'm hanging out with my first love again, I've been getting little hints of feelings towards him.. you know those feelings I used to have for Enrique - that's the toxic name of my first love.

I don't love Enrique again. Definitely not. No. Never. At least I think I don't.. no.. I hope I don't. Argh, if only he had just stayed in Japan or drastically changed his personality. He's changed, he's grown up but it's still him in there. Still my first love.

He's become a bit of a womanizer when we're out and about with the group - which he's a part of now what with being our flat mate and all. He knows how to chat women up and score - a bit of Barney (HIMYM). Being a best friend again, I've become a bit of a wing-woman. I sometimes do a Robin (HIMYM) and introduce the girl to him. It helps me see that he's different and he's just a friend.

When we are alone, however, it's a different matter, he becomes that sensitive guy that I fell in love with. That guy I thought was perfect for me. That guy that was perfect for me.

I don't understand why I'm thinking these things. I don't understand why even though I'm so in love with Matthew, a part of me, a small part of me, wants Enrique back.

Two of my best girl friends pointed out that Enrique is a more attractive guy and a little more my type. In fact, he's the exact type that I described to them was my type when I first met them. So maybe it is just lust? He's grown up and become more my type that I lust after - tanned, tall, dark eyes, dark hair, fit body. It's the body that's become perfect over the years. He's also looking more manly. Although saying this, Matthew almost fits all the criteria but he has blue eyes and is white, oh and I admit his body isn't as hot but still.. he's an almost perfect fit and right now is the one I love most. Yes, that's right, he is.

So onto the title of this post.. Matthew and myself had a bit of a fight. Our first fight. It really upset me although I do sorta understand why he became angry...

Basically I happen to be someone who's very close with guys as friends.. and gets along with more guys than girls. My two best girlfriends and a few other close girlfriends being the exceptions, all my other closest and best friends are guys. Thus, when Enrique came back into my life as a best friend, I started spending quite a lot of time with him catching up, etc. I mean, I still got my daily sex twice a day (morning and night) quota from Matthew but well it did become more like booty calls.

Now I'm not saying that I've spent all my free time with Enrique, that's not true but when we've been hanging in a group the person I talk most to is Enrique. I wasn't aware of this until Matthew pointed it out.

So here was the argument (I'm guessing everything isn't exactly as I write since I wasn't exactly memorizing his and mine words as we argued...

I walked in through his apartment door (he has a big one bedroom apartment all to himself) and he was waiting on the sofa pretending to watch the telly but I could tell that he was just waiting for me. I had just been dancing with the gang at my club.

"Hey." I said. "Sorry I'm a little late. The guys kept dragging me onto the dance floor."

"Guys or guy?" He replied firmly. Looking at me in a disappointed and serious way.

"Excuse me?"

"Never mind."

"You can't just say something like that and not explain it." My voice was now getting serious. "Which guy are you referring to?"

"We both know the answer to that."

"If I knew I wouldn't be asking." I had a suspicion it was Enrique but I wasn't sure at all.

"Enrique. You been hanging with him again?"

"He is part of the gang now so yes, I have." Sometimes Matthew acts so overprotective and like he knows better than me which is a real massive turn off. Just because he's in his 30s doesn't mean he knows better, etc.

"From what I've seen, the gang could disappear and you wouldn't even notice."


"I went to the club earlier and you were dancing with him. You were all over him."

I paused at this with a look of confusion. Was he spying on me? Doesn't he trust me? I wasn't all over him. I was dancing. I get close to all the people I dance with. Boy friends. Girl friends. Strangers. I finally replied: "Why didn't I see you at the club earlier?"

"I saw you dancing with him and I left."


"I wasn't going to stay and watch my girlfriend who I love more than she'll ever know virtually caressing the love of her life on the dance floor."

"I wasn't virtually caressing him. I was simply dancing. It was a sexy song so I probably did some sexy dancing. I would've danced like that with anyone who was with me. Even my girlfriends, you know that, and for your information, the love of my life is standing right in front of me and I love him more than he'll ever know." He shed a tear. "Pussy." He laughed. "Why are you so threatened by Enrique? All you're competing with is history and I'm not a big fan of history."

"I'm just finding it tough to see you so comfortable with him. I keep thinking any minute now, you're going to realise that you still want him."

I sighed, walked over to him and I gave him a sweet snog where he wrapped his hands on my waist and lifted me up onto my tip toes. "I love you so much so I'm not going anywhere but to your bedroom with you to have amazing make up because we just had our first argument." I smiled.

He smiled back. "Wow you're right. We're still make-up sex virgins." I giggled and he went to kiss me again this time a quick no tongue kiss. "I love you. I love you so much. I want to be with you forever. I can't bear thinking of losing you." I smiled even more. He bent down and picked me up over one shoulder and took me to the bedroom.. landing me on the bed where we had our usual amazing nighttime sex where we both sweated the night away.

Kisses, V.V.