Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Ambition To Say "I Love You" Back

After he said the magic three words, I tried to say it many times.

Attempt 1: The Next Day

Lunchtime and I'm standing in my office practising how to say it back in my head.

A few minutes later he walks in.

"Hey. Sorry I'm late, something came up." He hands me my sandwich and Cherry Coke. "What is it that was so urgent."

"Oh um.. well.. um.. I just wanted to say..." He looked at me, anticipating the answer. "..About last night I.. I.. love.. y..our tongue." Crap. So close.

He smiled but looked obviously quite disappointed. "I try my best."

I smiled and giggled uncomfortably.

That was the first of many attempts. Lost count of how many times I attempted to say it.

The Accidental Success: A Week Later (19.08.2008)

We're at his house.

It's morning.

I'm in the shower.

He joins me.

We've just had our usual sweet sincere sex.

We start fooling around then he grabs my butt cheeks and pulls me up to my tiptoes and plants a kiss on my lips.. a prolonged peck. He stares into my eyes.

"I love you too." It just came out of my mouth and I had no intention of saying it at that moment but I did.

He closed his eyes in relief as if he was savoring the moment. After a few moments, he opened his eyes and stared at me again.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say it. It feels like I've been waiting years." He chuckled with happiness. He looked like a little schoolboy who'd gotten his way, it was completely cute.

We hugged each other and called in sick after some shower sex.

The bosses above us weren't happy but we didn't care.

We were naked the entire time.

Kisses, V.V.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Perfect Night

We were at the point in our relationship where we were having hot steamy sex at night and sweet sincere sex in the morning. As much as I love both, we had sorta gotten into a routine (except the elevator sex) thus I felt it was time for me to do some spicing up.

I've been taking pole dancing classes for a while (one of my many hobbies) and I figured what better excuse to do my first show.

I have invested in a club in my neighbourhood and it's pretty popular not celebrity popular but after-work popular. It's a cross between the bar in Ally McBeal (there's a stage) and a regular nightclub. Normal people can perform which is what I love about it.

It was Monday night (11.08.2008) and I hadn't turned up to work and called in sick. I didn't sleep over at Matthew's (the first night I hadn't since we started dating). It was on purpose. I spent Sunday night planning and Monday day preparing...

He finishes work at 6pm.

He went home. On the table he would have found a note from me saying: "Come to the club at 10pm. Keep your suit on." (The club is closed on Sundays and Mondays.)

I was waiting at the club getting everything prepared. The stage was wide and had a pole and there was a sort of bridge to the second stage in the shape of a circle with about a 6-foot diameter in the middle of the dance floor. On it was a plain wooden chair - for him of course.

At 8pm exactly he knocked. I didn't answer, it was open and I was waiting next to the pole. He came in and I assume he saw the sign on the back of the chair saying: "Sit here." I heard him sit down.

The caretaker who was in the back switched on the stage lights which were set to a romantic red tint with a spotlight on the pole. The lights around the smaller circle stage he was on were also switched on. (The caretaker should have left after this but who knows..) I was wearing a lacy khaki lingerie set with suspenders and stockings, 4-inch black heels and a micro-mini pleated black slightly flared skirt.

He must have seen the remote to the stereo at his feet. He pressed play. Naughty girl by Beyonce played and I did my thing.

I used the pole.

I used the stage.

I used my flexibility.

I danced all the way to him. He had taken off his blazer and tie by this point.

I lap danced for him. At one point I sat on his lap and felt his already hard cock.

When he couldn't wait anymore, he grabbed me and kissed me. It was soft at first then it got deeper. The song ended after the kiss. Since it was the album in the stereo, the next song played.

He sucked hard on my nipple through my bra. He undid my bra, it fell off and he continued sucking on my left while grabbing and caressing my right. I moaned in pleasure giving out soft whimpers now and again. My nipples were rock hard and I was already wet. His cock was almost breaking through his trousers. I unzipped them and pulled out his big dick. I kneeled on the floor and gave him a BJ. When I was sucking his balls, I was wanking his cock. When I was sucking his cock, I was caressing his balls. His heavy breaths getting heavier even giving out gasps now and again. About 2 or 3 minutes later, he started to say he was going to cum and he did. I swallowed and he grabbed me up to kiss me. He didn't seem to care that after taste was in my mouth.

He got out of the chair and threw it off the stage. He lay me on the ground and held down my wrists. He kneeled over me. He kissed me softly. No matter how rough he was during sex, his kisses were nearly always soft and loving. I love that.

He started to suck my neck leaving a red mark. It felt so good. His crotch pushed up against me as he did it and I felt that he was hard again. He then rolled to my left and hurriedly took off both his trousers and boxers. Calvin Klein again. What a body. I took off my knickers and I rolled onto my side facing away from him.

He lifted my skirt out of the way and spooned me. My favourite position. I fingered my clit as he thrusted, he caressed my left nipple - sometimes pinching them hard and flicking them. At some points I'd even reach back to caress his balls.

After about 10 minutes or more and many a position later, I ended up on top and I almost screamed: "I'm cumming!" and he shouted back: "Me too!" A few seconds later we orgasmed. It was so good, I almost shed a tear. The spasms within me were so strong I collapsed in his arms and we clung to each other. He was so warm against my body.

Our breathing took quite a while to get back to normal but when it was he kissed me softly again. A long kiss and though soft, I felt as though I could feel his strength.

"I love you." He said, looking in my eyes with a look I had never seen from him before. It's hard to explain. It was as if a part of him had somehow become more serious, more mature. He put his hand round my head and lay my head on his chest. I clung tightly and so did he. His grasp around me was so urgent yet warm.

"I'll never let you go." He whispered. "Never."

I didn't say it back. I was just in so much shock but I smiled to myself. I was so happy. It felt too good to be true.

Typing this I realize it was the perfect night.. just perfect.

Kisses, V.V.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Elevator And Us



End of a date.

Stuck in an elevator.

Hardcore elevator sex.

Kisses, V.V.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The First Sleepover Of Many

I make it a rule to not let guys sleepover and not to sleepover at their place. The morning after is always awkward but somehow after our first date it wasn't...

I woke up, saw the clock on the table that wasn't mine.. it was 12ish pm. I had slept through the morning. Turning over, he was there. He was awake lying on his back. He turned to face me with a smile.

"Morning." He said. I smiled back at him.

"Morning." I was happy. We had a fantastic first date. In fact we trashed the place a little when we went back to his... I felt like nothing could be more perfect. OMG, the feeling I get when I'm happy with him is so good yet so scary.

I went to kiss him, he kissed back and we had a morning romp in the sack. Although this romp wasn't a romp like last night. It was different. It was soft sincere sex. Sweet but equally satisfying. I had never made love - God, I sound like such a girl - like that before. Every morning since we have soft sincere sex.

I think I'm in love and it's scaring me so much.

I find myself getting jealous when I see him talking to someone who I think is at least or more attractive than myself.. well actually anyone woman if I'm completely honest.

I've been sleeping over at his every night since the first date. It's like I'm living with him. He loves that I'm always there and I love it too. I've even got some of my stuff at his. Is this normal so early in the relationship?