Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Son

Matthew came back much earlier than expected and guess who he's brought back with him? Obvious answer - his son. Seeing him with his son isn't even the worst part.

What's the worst part you ask? His son is way hotter, its ridiculous. He looks like some teen idol! I'm telling you, if he was a celebrity, tweens, teens, young adults (that's my group) and probably even mature women everywhere would be getting very damp down below just by looking at him. No wait, I'm not finished, he's gotten permission to be his dad's PA for a few months while the original PA takes a long holiday. Not. Good. (Plus since when do people have the money to take months long holidays anymore?) What this all means is I have to deal with not only seeing Matthew again every day (who's still a good-looking guy I still share chemistry with) but also, I now have to deal with his son, a young Adonis - he's only a few years down from my age - who is completely off limits!

On a good note, Matthew and I are getting on surprisingly well. Its like old times pre-our failed relationship just less flirting. We have our moments though (I guess old habits really do die hard and by moments I'm talking those flirty moments where the tension rises and you feel like you gotta do something like kiss each other passionately) but we always manage to ignore them and they don't seem to mean anything.

Coming up is my recent escapades with "The Architect". (I'll be honest, my lust for Ted in HIMYM did play a fairly big part in my attraction to him.)

Kisses, V.V.


Salacious Soul said...

Completely off limits? Not even a small taste?