Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Intense Decision

I was in my room when Enrique burst through the door and walked towards me until he was standing in front of my bed. I looked up from my laptop confused and asked: "Is something wrong?"

"You tell me."

"Just tell me what's wrong.. I'm really not in the mood for guessing games right now Enrique."

"When were you going to tell me you're back with Matthew?"

"What? I'm not back with Matthew?"

"Don't lie. I've been informed you're going to a romantic dinner tonight."

"No we're going for a normal dinner to talk and I'm telling him its over for good."

"Okay, so that means we're back on right?"

"Excuse me?"

"I meant what I said that night. I still love you."

"Okay stop it. We can't do this love thing anymore it's exhausting."


"I don't trust you. Even if I chose you, I'd never feel secure at least I knew where I stood with Matthew."

"Why can't you trust me?"

"You left me without a goodbye once."

"Oh come on.. there were reasons.. I already told you those reasons."

"Enrique.. since you've come back into my life.. you've been with girl after girl.. I don't blame you.. they're gorgeous.. would you really be satisfied with just me? Think about it. I'm trying to be practical."

"I went with girl after girl because I didn't have you and all of those girls combined are nothing compared to you."

"Yeah.. that's the way to get me.. by using a cheesy line." *Note: Sarcasm. "Enrique.. I've thought this through and I think we should just keep our amazing friendship and if we ever get really lonely maybe, just maybe, we can have some fun now and again but I can't let you have my heart.. not right now. I'm still not over Matthew and Kalvin's right, I just need to figure out my feelings before acting on anything."

He walked to sit on the other side of the bed and lay down.. giving a sigh of defeat. I put down my laptop and lay down too. (I was wearing cute underwear by the way.) We turned on our sides to look at each other. "How on earth am I going to be able to be just friends with someone who looks that good in underwear?"

"Wow your lines are so original." *Note: More sarcasm.

"God, I love you."

I smiled and said: "I love you too." I meant it.

"So we're like friends with benefits?"

"I guess so."

"Do friends with benefits have romantic dinners?"


"Do friends with benefits snuggle and kiss?"

"Only after sex."

"Can we have sex?"

"Not now. I'd feel weird sleeping with you then going to tell Matthew that I'm dumping him."

"Really I wouldn't feel weird at all." He smirked. I smiled. "I believe the emotion I'd feel is.. oh what's the word again?" A short pause. "Smugness. Or maybe proud? No smug is definitely the emotion I'd be feeling."

"Wow your cockiness is so attractive right now." I climbed on top of him.

"Really?" I started stroking his cock."

"Yes it is." He started moaning with pleasure.

I kept wanking until he said: "I'm cumming." I stopped.

"Damn, I've got to go." I got up and started getting clothes from the closet. He lay there in shock with a bulging hard on.

"You're fucking kidding me right?"

"I'm really not." I thought he'd leave in a fit. (I did this because I didn't like him making a mockery out of Matthew's hurt by the way.) Instead as I removed my underwear, he decided to get out his cock and start wanking until he came while watching me. I had to force myself to not look.. he wanks in a way that looks sexy, its probably his perfect body that makes it sexy.

When he cleaned himself up. He came up behind me and reached under my dress (that I had just slipped on) and started fingering my clit in a way that made me wild then he whispered in my ear: "Two can play at this game." He made me cum, held onto me as my body spasmed with pleasure and then left obviously feeling smug. Damnit. He won.


I went to dinner and felt guiltier the whole time. I told him it was over. I told him sorry for screwing up our almost perfect relationship. I told him sorry for wasting his time. I also thought he'd go off in a strop but instead he was the perfect gentleman. He finished his dinner with me and told me that he was going to work for a year in New York. It was his plan if I rejected him plus he wanted to spend some "manly time" with his son who lives there with his American mother. I accepted his decision, I needed a break from him too so it seemed like a great idea. We left dinner in the best way we could.

Me and Matthew are officially over.

Kisses, V.V.