Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sorry for Lack of Updates

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been busy and there hasn't been much drama in my life at the moment but something happened recently that was too dramatic to not post.

Anyways.. over the weeks I'd sort of been avoiding Enrique where possible to decrease Matthew's jealousy but one night recently we went on a break.. here's what happened...

So obviously since I grew up with E, we both know way too much about each other hence E knows stuff that Matt doesn't know about yet.. one topic being food.

So like 2-3 weeks ago, the group (my roommates including Enrique) decided to arrange dinner at a great restaurant. Matthew said he wouldn't be able to make it since he thought he'd be too tied up at work.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated in the VIP section (thanks to the hostess being a conquest of one of our group - the straight twin (yep we have twins in our group.. they're actually fraternal twins but they look almost identical although we can now tell them apart more due to the straight twin being a bit more buff than Justin Timberlake whereas the gay twin is buff but more slender than Justin Timberlake). FYI I'm writing this with the gay twin's help and he drew the comparison but I have to agree that the twins have a similar look to JT.. he'd also like to be acknowledged so I introduce to you: Kalvin. Oh right back to the story...

I ended up sitting across from Enrique. We ordered and we chatted. Just before the food came, Matthew arrived but obviously sat at the end of the table - also on the opposite side - since he wasn't able to sit next to me (I was in plain sight of him though and we would smile and he'd sometimes mouth "love you" which was cute).

So the food came and I had some rocket on my dish which I hate and Enrique doesn't mind.. he had tomatoes on his plate which he hates but I don't mind. Growing up, we'd often give each other food we didn't like but the other doesn't mind and when he became one of my roommates we started doing that again just not in front of Matthew due to his ever-increasing jealousy. We weren't gonna hide this fact at first but some of the group pointed out that its something that is only restricted to couples and best friends of the same sex.

However we forgot about the fact it would be weird and on a reflex starting swapping.. with Matthew watching. I looked up after we finished and he had a solemn expression on his face. I smiled at him to show him it wasn't a big deal and he tried to smile back but he obviously thought it was weird. A few of the group looked at me in a "I told you so" way and I just shrugged it off.

He was sorta quiet in the car home and told me he had an "earlier morning because he didn't finish the work he was supposed to finish by tomorrow" so he dropped me off at my place instead of bringing me back to his. I called him on it asking him what's wrong? He just said he was tired and I told him I knew it was about the whole food thing and that it was pathetic to be jealous of that.. he's a friend and nothing more and the more he overreacts the more he drives me to actually wanting to be with Enrique just to shut him up. Not the best thing to say but I had reached my tipping point and said I need a break from him. "You know what.. we are officially on a break.. I can't take your jealousy anymore." I believe those were my exact words before getting out of his car.

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of my night.. it carries on when I got in the apartment... I was BAD.

I decided to go for a shower to cool down since I wasn't getting sex that night and so I undressed in my bedroom, put a towel around me and walked into the bathroom.. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't realise the bathroom light was on when I walked in.. I took off my towel and hung it behind the door and when I walked towards the shower.. there was Enrique who'd forgotten to lock the door since it was nighttime and he thought everyone was asleep.

I should first explain our bathroom which Kalvin designed.. it's pretty cool and influenced by Japanese washrooms. The room we wash in has a big bath that takes up a third of the room starting from the wall and two thirds of the right wall is seated while the other wall has 4 shower heads. The whole room can be like a steam room although we tend to not use this feature any more than twice a week. More than one person can go in at a time since he thought this would be more useful so that all the guys can shower at once and all the girls can too. We currently have 3 guys and 3 girls in our household thus it's better in the mornings when we're in a rush for work. The door into the washroom is from what we call the "sink-room" since it has two sinks on each side of the door (the room used to be part of the bathroom). Each sink has 2 sets of hot and cold taps. We use this room to brush our teeth, put on makeup, shave, etc. The door out of that room goes straight into the lounge.

So back to the situation... He. Was. Naked. But so was I.

I couldn't help but stare at him. All of him. He couldn't help but stare at me too evidently hence him getting stiff in a certain area we know and love. Damn.. he'd grown. He didn't even care. He just kept staring at me.

A moment or two after the stiffness he started touching himself, he hesitated at first but when I didn't stop him he just went for it. I just watched. I was torn between being totally aroused by his perfect body and wanting to do the right thing which was obviously getting out of there. I was too stiff to even think but I was so wet down below like so wet I reckon a 20-inch dick would've made it all the way in, seriously.

He stopped touching himself and walked towards me, I shook my head as much as my stiffness was allowing. I was shaking. I kept my hands by my sides and I whispered: "I can't." I wasn't going to do anything. Never.

He kneeled down in front of me and I whispered again: "You can't."

He looked at my vagina for while before licking my clit slowly first, waiting for me to stop him and when I didn't he licked me out the best he could. It was so good that I ended up pressing my hand against his head to make him thrust his tongue instead me harder. I was going crazy.. it felt amazing. I came pretty quickly after that but was still aching for more.

He stood up and I kneeled this time. I wanked his dick a few times then put it in my mouth.. slowly going up and down his big cock and as soon as I started going a little faster.. he came. "Sorry." He said as I swallowed. "I guess I'm just too excited." He seemed a bit embarrassed but It didn't bother me since it became long and healthy again straight after I swallowed.

I stood up and put my arms around him and he put his arms around me. I whispered in his ear: "Fuck me. Please." To which he responded: "I thought you can't." Damnit. He made me want it.

The big bath which can fit about 4 people was full of hot water so he said we should go in. He sat down in the middle and held onto the sides. I sat on top of him inserting him as I went down and moaning as quietly as possible too. I started thrusting. He felt amazing.

We fucked for two hours straight. Honestly. We both couldn't believe how long we lasted. I gave him the credit since he knew just when to pull away and change position. We both had what we confirmed as the most intense orgasms of our lives so far. We snuggled in the tub for a while afterwards and during the snuggles he said a phrase I never expected at all: "I still love you." With that.. I got up out of the tub. He got up too but I turned around and said: "Don't follow me. I can't deal with your emotions right now.. I can't even figure out mine." I took my towel and walked quickly into the bedroom.

When I went inside I saw Kalvin sitting on our king-size bed with his PDA and his side lamp on. I guess my face must've shown my anguish since as soon as he looked at me he said: "What's wrong?" Putting down his PDA and clapping on the lights.

I told him the whole story of what had just happened and.. not knowing what to say he said instead: "Well that's certainly a good blog post for you." I smiled at that being thankful he wasn't saying something more judgmental.

"I'm such a whore aren't I?" I said to him.. feeling and showing regret.

"Hey! That's my best friend you're talking about." I smiled again and he hugged me. I started to cry. He wiped the tears from my eyes and asked: "Was the sex at least good?"

"It was incredible."

"Better than Matthew?"

I hesitated then nodded in response.

"Then you should go back to Enrique. Listen to your hormones."

"I'm so glad I can count on you to make sure my morals are in order."

"Oh come on, you were hardly immoral.. you and Matthew are on a break. That means you're entitled to have sex with other men."

"Since when?"

"Duh.. have you never heard of Ross and Rachel?"

"Rachel never thought it was right."

"Exactly. Ross did thus straight men do thus Matthew does."

"Stereotyping much?"

"Oh please.. people stereotype us gays ALL the time."

"True but we're still not solving anything."

"Ok.. clear your head and answer the following questions quickly."


"What's your name?"
"Who's your best friend?"
"Who's your next best friend?"
"Blondie." (Real name Brooke and Kalvin and his straight twin's slightly older sister.)
"Who's in your head?"
"Who's in your heart?"

Kisses, V.V.


Salacious Soul said...

Oh V.V, what a delimer you are in! How long are you and Matthew on a break for?

Kalvin sounds like a lovley best friend - nice to see us gay boys helping out our stricken ladies in times of need!

So - the girls in the office who I made read your blog say that you should keep Enrique as a friend only, but I think that you could have an awesome time with him as your 'main man'. But probably not if he lives in the same share house as you...

Looking forward to your next post - Mathias

Nicey said...

That post was worth the wait !!


Salacious Soul said...

Thanks for the comment on my last post. I'm very much looking forward to your next one!

Tell Kevin, that yes that is me in the picture. It was taken over a year ago when my cousins and I hired a dodgy old power boat and went for a ride around Salamander bay.

Hmmm, maybe it's time to change the picture to something more recent?